Type IIa. solely provides loose diamonds/gemstones that have previously been certified after undergoing state of the art scientific laboratory analysis at one or more of the international benchmark authorities for unbiased laboratory pedigree evaluations at GIA (Gemological Institute of America),AGS (American Gem Society)and/or EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) (EGL USAEGL Worldwide).  Naturally, GIA/AGS/EGL third party laboratory certifications, grading and documentation of your selected diamond/gemstone, along with our Lifetime Upgrade CreditGuarantee100% Refund & Return Policy and Free Insured Express Shipping form an irrefutable unbiased traceable chain of authentication which verifies the quality and documents the unique characteristics and beauty of your loose diamond/gemstone investment.

When a jeweler states:  [A]n independent laboratory GIA/AGS/EGL certified diamond/gemstone costs more and is not really necessary, what they are actually saying is:  [T]rust me, I can sell you and you should settle for, an inferior diamond/gemstone from our limited inventory at an inflated price!  Acquire an independent laboratory certified loose diamond/gemstone investment that meets or exceeds your exact specifications, with the same passionate confidence, knowledge and certainty you exhibited in selecting the individual that will lovingly, cherish, wear and display.