To insure the quality and character of your investment, as well as the integrity of the loose colorless diamonds, loose natural colored fancy diamonds and gemstones that we provide, Type IIa. solely offers diamonds/gemstones with GIAAGS and/or EGL (EGL USAEGL Worldwide) independent laboratory certifications.

An independent laboratory certification provides an unbiased and objective scientific evaluation of the specific characteristics of a diamond/gemstone in a report format that provides everyone with a neutral benchmark to asses the quality of a specific diamond/gemstone. Our loose merchandise’s certifications are based upon the gemological analysis of each specific diamond/gemstone, as conducted only by the foregoing world renowned laboratories. Extensive scientific testing and independent laboratory analysis results in a written certification that documents our merchandise’s cutcaratcolor and clarity (4 C’s).  It additionally documents the stone’s shape, measurements, table and depth percentages.  Polish and symmetry of the subject stone are also independently evaluated and scientifically graded. Furthermore, noteworthy gemological characteristics such as fluorescence, graining etc…are recorded on the certification.